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Penn State: Lack of Institutional Control

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Penn State shows true “Lack of Institutional Control” with the revelations of child abuse by Jerry Sandusky and cover up by the university.

How high on the horse does the NCAA Infractions Committee sit now? Probably not that high now and I would imagine their ”behinds” might be a little chapped. Because if they thought they had issues with “Institutional Control” with USC, Ohio State and University of Miami they have another thing coming to them.

The timing couldn’t be worst, after all the NCAA just through USC under the bus for monetary reasons. For mistakes made primarily by underprivileged 18 year old’s and they’re families.  Then the NCAA made a big deal about some tattoo’s and memorabilia with Ohio State. And the “U”? We will see. All mistakes made by kids, not grown adults. Crimes against the NCAA? Yes they were, but what about crimes against humanity? Kids or football?

We all seen where Penn State and Joe Paterno placed their priorities after failing to report the rape of innocent child to the police. Now we will all see if the NCAA has any “Balls” when it comes to a true money maker like Penn State. Will they do what is right? Or will they wait till this all dies down and move on with life? I know of some children who will never be able to just move on with “life”.

So what is the right thing to do? What is the moral thing to do? And does the NCAA know what the right thing is to do?

The right thing to do is to completely shut down the sports program at Penn State for the next 5-10 years. Seems a little harsh? Well the crime is. After all, Penn State knowingly had a sexual predator on campus for at least 13 years and did nothing. In fact, they gave him a vehicle to carry out his assaults for years. They enabled and in enabling you are encouraging. Distgusting.

The moral and legal laws that were broken by the university is incomprehensible and cannot be reversed. The damage, emotionally, that was done to the victims and their families will never be undone. It will redefine them in ways they may never figure out and will live on for generations to come. Thanks allot Penn State.

The crimes committed against humanity leaves the NCAA no option but to strip Penn State of its athletic department because it was the school DIRECTLY. Not some students. The school KNOWINGLY allowed these crimes to continue with their silence. And since the school could not control its employees, Sandusky, by not stopping the abuse by calling the police, shows the worst type of “Lack of Institutional Control”. If Penn State was any other type of business it would not be allowed to operate any further under law. In allowing a haven for sexual predators the school is liable and deserves to be punished. No more Athletic Department because clearly the school can not handle the responsibility. Revoke.  So whats the deal?

The moral thing and the right thing to do is to revoke the Athletic Department at Penn State. But will the NCAA do it? NO.

Penn State is a true money maker in college sports and the NCAA likes money, that’s it.  So they may do some light sanctions against the university but it will not be the death sentence. Which is extremely sad because they are so money hungry they don’t know what to do but chase the dollar. Football over kids? Football, right NCAA?



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