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Dodgers Ownership: O’Malley, Claire, Garvey, Hershiser,Leiweke, Burkle and of coarse Cuban

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The Los Angeles Dodgers have plenty of options to choose from for ownership. But who is the best fit to head the Dodgers resurgence?  

It’s  Friday and you are ready to blow off some steam. You have had a rough week, month, in fact 7 years and today is the day your life has turned around. Today you won the lottery with a cold cash sum of 1.3 billion in your bank account ready to be spent…. What should you do with your money? Travel? Celebrate? Buy something big and historic? Yes, yes and yes…. Maybe add a World Series to that list because today you have the money to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers!

Who should head your ownership? After all you just got lucky and managing billions isn’t what you do. You rather relegate your duties to having fun and going to the games. So you decide to hire someone to lead the Dodgers and head the rebirth of the team you love… Who should that be?

You walk down the street to head into the local bar where everyone you know and want to know is there. That includes Peter O’Malley, Fred Claire, Steve Garvey, Orel Hershiser, Tim Leiweke, Ron Burkle and Mark Cuban. Knowing you will be buying the Dodgers and will need a front man you look at everyone. Who do you go to first? Who is the first person you go to?

Stop, before your heart and logic muddle the decision you make and ask yourself who is the first person that came to mind right off the bat? Who did you decide to pick within those first few seconds of the options being presented? Who?

I ran this scenario through my head many of times and I will divulge my answer at the end. But first lets eliminate who I know I don’t want. Ron Burkle and Tim Leiweke, these men have the money. But the Dodgers are my life so I don’t know if I want my Dodgers run by unfamiliar. And since we are in a quick sales process I dont have time to get to know them. Sorry guys, thanks for coming.

Mark Cuban, thank you for coming as well. Cuban has been a phenomenal owner of the Dallas Mavericks and practically prints money. However, there has been one thing missing from the Dodgers over the last 14 years, Class. I’m not saying Cuban is classless, but he doesn’t carry himself in the Dodger Way: dignified, unbiased and reserve. Do I want a owner who cannot control his emotions and reacts on impulse? Do I want a owner who places a further distance from the new Dodgers and the old Classy Dodgers? Do I want Mark Cuban? No. Money cant buy me love.

This brings us to O’Malley, Claire, Garvey and Hershiser…. The Boys In Blue return. All great guys with solid ties to the old Dodger Way. But who should I pick? Which Dodger should I shun away? What should I do?

Garvey and Hershiser are great men with good intentions at heart. But how successful have they been in running a business? How much experience do they have in running a farm system? Do they have what it takes now? No. How about in the future? Yes.

So I move onto O’Malley and Claire. Both aged, dignified and posses a energy about themselves. A energy that is pure and backed with experience and knowledge of baseball and history. Who should I pick? Both, together as the same group.

I wish the decision to pick the new owner of the Dodgers was this quick, decisive and easy but it isn’t. There are many factors that will come into play with the biggest being money. Second biggest, which should be the biggest, is class and history.

True O’Malley and Claire dont have the capital to outright buy the Dodgers. But none of these men do. They will have to be backed by some billionaire who isn’t affixed on obtaining glory, sorry again Cuban. What the Dodgers need is some stability and continuity in the front office and they need faces the public can trust. O’Malley can run the business aspect as Claire runs baseball operations. And at 73 years of age is O’Malley going to continue forever running the Dodgers? When that time comes Claire can step into that position and Garvey or Hershiser could run the baseball operations. The Dodger Way would be restored and and the team would once again be the property of Los Angeles.

This formula sounds so simple and right doesn’t it? Sounds like it would work right? Almost a dream come true, second to me owning the team which I’m working on. Ask me in 30 more years and 3 billion more dollars.  In the mean time guys, MAKE IT WORK.


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