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NFL: Mid-Season Report and Predictions

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With the NFL season halfway over we break down the surprise teams and give our predictions on how it will all end. 

San Francisco 49ers: Who seen a 6-1 start on the horizon at the begining of the season? Jim Harbaugh? That’s probably the only person who could have predicted the Niners would be this good so far. But the question is was Mike Singletary that horrible of a coach or is Harbaugh that good of a coach? Niether. What has happened to the Niners is QB Alex Smith has finally decided to not cough the ball up and play within his talents. Before Smith was trying to play outside his abilities, which is limited and turnovers was the result. Now Smith is playing a more reserved style of play and the team has benefited from the reduced turnovers. Prediction, the Niners will play as far as the Green Bay Packers allow them. Meaning the Niners will have some playoff success until the Packers provide them with a reality check in the form of a good old fashion butt whipping.

Oakland Raiders: Since the beginning of the season the Raiders have a new owner and a new quarterback which makes them the most intriguing team in  the NFL. The first half of the season the offense was based on a “Run first, pound them and ground them” approach. But as the season has progressed RB Darren McFadden has taken a pounding and the team has acquired a strong arm quarterback in Carson Palmer. Will the Raiders  stay to their guns and play “smash-mouth” football with the running attack? Or will they revert the Raider way of “Vertical” play with Palmer? Will Palmer learn the playbook? Will he learn the names of his wide receivers? Can he still play? All questions that will define the Raiders season and the outcome of the AFC West as they are clearly the class of the division. My prediction? The Raiders will play in the AFC Championship game, beat the Patriots and then lose in the Super Bowl.

San Diego Chargers: Again? Come on guys! The Chargers are used to a slow start to be accompanied by a late season surge. The problem with this year is the second have of the schedule is twice as hard as the first. Plus QB Phillip Rivers is self imploding which spells dooms day and Los Angeles relocation for Charger fan. My prediction? The Chargers will end the season 6-10 and be playing in the Rose Bowl in 2012.

Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs: Thanks for participating in the 2011 season but no one cares, especially other NFL teams. All of these teams are better than was expected which is to be applauded, gently….. quietly. But they will be mere participants in the story line of the Packers Super Bowl season and they will be sent back to the basement pof irrelevance for years to come.   That is my prediction.

Division Winners: 

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles

NFC North: Green Bay Packers

NFC South: New Orleans Saints

NFC West: San Francisco 49ers

NFC Wildcard: Atlanta Falcons and New York Giants

AFC East: New England Patriots

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC South: Houston Texans

AFC West: Oakland Raiders

AFC Wildcard: New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens

Green Bay Packers: The Packers are the most dominate team in the NFL and the only question is: will the Packers go 19-0? My prediction, YES. The Packers are the best team I seen since the Dallas Cowboys of the early 1990′s . They have everything in every position and the scary part is the team is only getting better. I will comfortably say the Packers will reel off 4-5 Championships when they are finally tamed by some rogue team. So sorry NFL fans, the next the coming years will only be entertaining to Packer fans.



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