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A Special Goodbye And Thank You To Frank McCourt

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After two years of legal battles Frank McCourt agrees to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers. We would like to thank him for his time.

The Dodgers were a team on the rise in 2004. They had a emerging star in Adrian Beltre and home grown players Alex Cora, Cesar Izturis and Paul LoDuca all playing great baseball as the team was becoming a force in the league. Although they haven’t made it to the playoffs in years it was clear they were on track to finally dethroning Barry Bonds and the San Francisco Giants who were atop the National League West. With our(Dodger Fans)  minds concentrated on “baseball” talk, MLB was on the fast track to placing a new owner in Los Angeles, Frank McCourt.

With our attention diverted elsewhere Dodger fans were delivered a sucker punch we would not feel for years. Frank was in and baseball’s “best interest” was out. Thank you Bud Selig.

At first glance I didn’t like him. He was from Boston and talked with a North East accent. His wife was in need of a “Extreme Makeover” and they said all of the “right” things while carrying the personality of a robot. And he had absolutely zero business background. All of this, which came to me within 3 minutes of seeing him, equaled he wasn’t to be trusted.

If Selig approved this guy then he is worthy of being an owner? Right? That is what we all told ourselves and let logic get in the way of intuition. We were doomed from the start.

To sit here and go over all the wrongdoings Frank and his wife have done will take too long. In fact I should write a novel on the subject because it is stuff only fiction could create. So I wont do it, instead I will thank him and send him on his way back to Boston where there is a parking lot on the horizon for him to cuddle with.

Thank you Frank for helping me remember how much the Dodgers mean to my family and I. Without you I would have never felt the depression of losing the Dodgers forever. I will forever be indebted to you and your crooked ways in which you took the Boys In Blue and gave them back.

Thank you for not proceeding with this Bankruptcy disaster any further. If you did so the Dodgers would be in limbo forever and may have been in a irreversible situation that Bill Gates couldn’t buy his way out.

Thank you for showing us in Los Angeles what people from Boston are really like, cold. Only someone with a heart of coal would loot a franchise that touted names like Jackie Robinson and Vin Scully. You just reminded us not to trust Boston anymore. So for now on when we say “Boston Sucks” we will really mean it.

And lastly thank you for giving my family, friends and me a chance to celebrate your departure. You have brought sense of unity among Dodger fans that has not been present in my lifetime. The unity is a gift that will keep on giving and will propel us to the World Series one day. Thank you






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