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Frank McCourt: The end is here

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Frank McCourt appears to be ready to settle with MLB and agree to sell the team. Will it happen today?

The day the MLB decided to takeover the Dodgers I was foolishly optimistic this whole McCourt saga would end and I would be able to attend a Dodger home game again. Then came bankrutcy, debt, more debt, judges, more judges, lawyers and of coarse more lawyers. But something has been happening over the last couple days that has never happened in the 7 years Frank has own the team, he is contemplating selling the team.

We have all been through the highs and lows of the McCourt/Dodger drama and we’re smart enough to not get too excited when good news comes. But this time I’m optimistic for some reason because it makes absolute dollars and sense for the team to be sold. Not that “reason” or “logic” has ever got in the way of Frank’s decision making process before but the sale of the team is the only way for him to avoid working at McDonalds the rest of his life.

So where do Dodger fans go from here? Celebrate. Celebrate because the end is here and all boycotters can enter the Blue Heaven of Chavez Ravine once more. Celebrate because the evil witch is dead killed by the house that is his debt. Celebrate because we can actually cheer for a contender. Celebrate because Frank is on his way out. And celebrate because all the Dodger faithful will have its team back.

Now this may sound overly optimistic but have you ever heard of anything negative coming from optimism?

















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