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Another World Series Without the Dodgers

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It has been 23 years since the Los Angeles Dodgers played in the World Series and the city of L.A. couldn’t care less. 

The memories of Kirk Gibson is long gone for this battered Angelino. It seems kinda like a bad dream now after all the McCourt drama over the last couple years. With every news headline of Bryan Stow, Bankruptcy, Jamie McCourt, 800 Million of debt and Chinese Investors I have been taking a step back from the team and game I love. Fox TV Rights? Creditors Committee? Frank Sinatra? I’m sick of it all.

So as I take my beer out of the fridge and start to cook my dinner in preparation for Game 7 of the World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and Texas Rangers I wonder what the future holds for Dodger baseball. Will the team be saved like the Rangers and we will see Andre Eithier circling the bases in our own game 6 of the World Series? After all the Rangers were bankrupt? Right? As my hope start to soar and my eyes start to water of the prospect of a Dodger World Series I rememeber….. Frank McCourt is the current owner. Enough said.

At least this has been a great World Series? Right?  Lets just hope MLB prevails otherwise my next step away from Dodger baseball might be too far where I can find my way back. And the sad part is this is a town of front runners so the Dodgers may be lost to the city of LA forever, just ask the NFL.

But for some reason I’m still optimistic of Frank leaving us for good because if he doesn’t settle soon he may living on skid row in a year. Oh ya, Frank McCourt is the owner………. Get your head out of the clouds Dodger Fan!




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