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Dodgers Boycott Central: The Week In Review

Published on August 7, 2011 by   ·   17 Comments

The Dodgers managed to screw up yet another trade deadline with senseless deals and nondeals. This combined with more legal action from the McCourts made this Dodgers “Week In Review” especially fustrating.


The Front Office: Ned Colletti has done a excellent job covering up for Frank McCourt over the years. He has been able to to pull a rabbit out of a hat arguably more times than any other General Manager if you look solely at the Dodgers finances. He acquired Andre Ethier, Manny Ramirez, Casey Blake and Hiroki Kuroda while managing to hold onto prospects Matt Kemp, Clayton Kershaw, Kenley Jansen and Dee Gordon. But for every Gordon and Kemp there has been plenty of Jason Schmidt’s and Andruw Jone’s to have an already uneasy fan base quick to turn their back on him. So when Colletti traded away top-prospect  Trayvon Robinson to the Seattle Mariners for a catching prospect and two bag of balls from the Boston Red Sox the Dodger Nation was irate and rightfully so. Robinson has was virtually unknown a couple years ago until he started putting together a solid minor league career. In 2009 he hit for an .300 average with 9 home runs, 57 RBI’s and 38 stolen bases and followed up in 2010 hitting .289 with 26 home runs, 71 RBI’s and 9 stolen bases. It was obvious Robinson’s stock was rising and everyone would get a chance to see him audition in the major league’s, then boom he is gone. What made Dodger fan’s so upset wasn’t that a prospect was traded because any Dodger fan would have traded 10 Robinson’s for half of Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay when the team had a chance to go to the World Series. It was because  the only joy Dodger fan has in the worst year of the franchise history is seeing the young kids like Jerry Sands and Gordon play. And the messed up part of the whole situation is Robinson was never given a major league shot while “I Cant Hit A Breaking Ball” Sands was up for a good part of the season. Now the Dodgers are stuck with another rookie catcher to have to learn on the job while Robinson made the “Espn Top Ten Plays” for the Mariners.  The year of improbable has become impossible…… to end.

Back to the McCourts: This week it was reported by the LA Times that Jamie McCourt was considering whether to ask the Divorce Court to force the sale of the Dodgers. What is there to consider? In the ever slow moving battle for ownership of the Dodgers it appears that even if Frank McCourt survives Bankruptcy Court he will have to convince Judge Scott Gordon that the team isn’t community property. Which may be an uphill battle because Gordon already decided the MPA(Martial Property Agreement) was not valid which trumped Frank’s biggest defense against Jaime. When the decision was made Frank promised he would further show how the Dodgers are solely his which he has not. It makes you think he doesn’t have anymore cards since he is so lawyer happy he would have filed something by now. As for Bankruptcy, McCourt and MLB agreed to the terms for the $150 million loan that was ordered by the court. One positive note is all the money will be monitored by the court so that minimizes the chance of Franks funny business.   Now we all have to wait till August 16th where the MLB, Fox and Jaime all battle Frank over whether the Cable Rights for the Dodgers could be auctioned this year. Stay tuned……

Don’t Stop Believing: The team has been  decent as of late winning 4 of the last 5 while tying the Colorado Rockies for 3rd place in the National League West. But Dodger fan’s don’t care about  3rd place in a horrible division, we will leave that to San Diego Padre’s fans to gloat about. A 3rd place finish would only cement 2011 as the worst year in Dodger history by far. Not because of their record but because of all the drama off the field that has happened this year. But beyond this horrible year things are looking up with some young promising players like Gordon and soon Sands getting their feet wet in the majors to be ready for a real year in 2012.

ATTENTION PROMOTION GROUPIES!!!!! STAY HOME!!!!! 9 out of the next 12 home games this month are slated for promotions at Dodger Stadium. So I understand there is a ton of cheap people in Los Angeles but for the love of Dodgers don’t support McCourt and stay away from the stadium please. And don’t give me this crap about supporting the team because you are killing the team not supporting it. So stay away please and help all real Dodger fans in their fight against McCourt so we can get a real owner and get back to the Dodger Way. Remember every dollar you give the Dodgers is another Dollar for Frank McCourt and his Lawyers, not for a player.

Upcoming McCourt Protest Events: August 27th 12-3pm Corner of Elysian & Sunset “Sunset Entrance” Non-Stadium Property at Elysian & Sunset. Be there to support! For more information check links below:

Send Frank Back to Boston

Mark Cuban Save the Dodgers






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Readers Comments (17)

  1. John Blanchard says:

    He lost Carlos Santana for Blake, but that was for a playoff push. OK.

    You left out Pierre and Uribe as bad signings, indefensible at the time Colletti made them.

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