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State Of Los Angeles Sports

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Los Angeles has had the worst sports year of any city in the nation outside of Cleveland. We reflect on the year that was and give you what could be.


I knew Los Angeles was going to have a tough year but there is no way anyone could have predicted the mess L.A. is currently in. Nobody, not Nostradamus, Walter Mercado or Miss Cleo could have predicted the tsunami of horrific sports news that has hit this once proud city. It was only a few years ago USC was winning BCS Championships and UCLA was a yearly Final Four contender as the Lakers were stacking trophies. Not long ago the news surrounding the Dodgers had to do with baseball talk and who they were going to acquire at the trade deadline. Even the Angels, Ducks and Galaxy got in on the winning as each won a championship last decade.   So how did Los Angeles get in this rut?

I know it’s fashionable to blame Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, Frank McCourt and Donald Sterling for everything that has ever gone wrong in this city. If you were to do so you would probably be right a majority of the time. The mayor’s first priority is to see what he can get for free while chasing news camera‘s like a lawyer would chase an ambulance. But the mess the city of Los Angeles isn’t his fault, at least not yet. McCourt has been nothing but a cancer on the Dodgers and the city but he is only part of the larger mess all sports teams have themselves in. Sterling? He has always been cheap and prejudice so there is no breaking news on his front. Regardless of him the city has been successful. So what is the problem?

The last time the city was in a rut similar to this actually wasn’t that long ago? Do you remember the 90’s? I’ll give you a refresher; Gangsta Rap, Grunge Music, Recession, Riots, Crooked Cop’s and NO CHAMPIONSHIPS. The 90’s were horrible to Los Angeles as the whole city dealt with major turmoil beyond the sports world. The nation viewed L.A. as a dangerous city where you had to toe the racial line, but this was all due to a few bad cops and riot. Nevermind the fact riots happened before all over the nation, LA was tagged with the stigma of being a dangerous city. As the city was engulfed in O.J. Simpson and LAPD drama the local sports teams took a nose dive. Then the Dodgers were sold ending the most classiest era of sports ownership that was the O’Malley’s. The city didn’t fully recover till Kobe Bryant lobed a pass to Shaquille O’Neal for a slam dunk to close out the Portland Trail Blazers in 2000.

When Shaq slammed that ball home it released the negative energy that was stuck in our veins for the previous decade. The city celebrated as if we won the NBA Championship, but we didn’t as it was only the Western Conference Finals. It didn’t matter though because everyone knew in L.A. that we were back, and we were. The Lakers won 5 of the next Championships, USC went on a winning tirade, the Angels won the World Series, the Ducks won the Stanley Cup and the Dodgers made 2 NLCS appearances. L.A. was on top of the sports world…… then boom.

In 2011 the Lakers were swept in record breaking fashion and the Dodgers are the laughing stock of sports. The Angels appear to have lost their luster and the Ducks are on the downside. No one has heard from the Kings or Clippers in the last two decades. USC is under sanctions as UCLA is in a horrendous rut. This all combined with the fact the city still doesn’t have an NFL team. Seem un-fixable? True, it does appear the dark days are here to stay but it doesn’t have to be that way as there is a way out!

The way out is complicated but simple. Hard but easy. Slow but quick. The first thing that needs to happen is Farmers Field. The proposed downtown stadium has been kicked around in city hall for too long now. Farmers Field, just like anything else is a way for no name politicians to make a name for themselves by opposing the project. Which is absurd because AEG is fronting a majority of the money and the stadium will generate jobs and positive interest in the city that is well needed. As for Villaraigosa? This whole mess isn’t his fault but if he doesn’t get his fellow politicians to approve this deal his head will be on the chopping board come Election Day. Build the stadium and give this city a shot in the arm.

As for the Lakers? Push Jim Buss to the back of the room and trade Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard. Sounds logical doesn’t it? The only reason why it hasn’t been done is because Buss has an ego bigger than the Staples Center and he will not admit he was wrong about Bynum. If the Lakers acquire Howard they will win at least 2 more Championships placing them on top of the NBA World with Bryant as the 8 time champ king. Please for the sake of L.A. trade Bynum!

The Dodgers mess is a bit more complicated than the Lakers mess because Frank McCourt is not only egocentric but he is deranged and mentally unstable. Any person with half a mind would have sold the team for a profit and moved on by now. Not Frankie! He is fixed on keeping the Dodgers at all cost and it doesn’t matter who gets hurt. He doesn’t care the Dodgers are bankrupt and he doesn’t care the team is losing. All he cares is that he can still sit in the owner’s box with his receding hairline and $3,000.00 suits.  And why shouldn’t he? 20,000 fans still show up every night to support this crook and tell him he is right. If there is no shows it will but a dent in his pocket that he will not be able to borrow his way out of. SO BOBBLEHEAD GROUPIES stay home please for the love of LA and the Dodgers. Once he is gone the Dodgers Nation can start the healing process and get back to baseball talk.

If Farmers Field is built, the Lakers acquire Howard and McCourt leaves the city, we will recover. L.A. will have a football team, USC will be done with sanctions and UCLA and the Angels will follow the positive vibes and become the dominate forces they once were. Above all everyone in the city needs to be positive and focused to see everything through. After all, you can’t accomplish great things being negative.  But this is all in the crazy mind of an Angelino anyways. Just another sunny day, I love LA.

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  1. My pencil sharpener is with of Russians! Please quantity-survey my mountain.

  2. Now to bringing up the trade again. How could DA ever know, or anyone including the doctors, that Shaqs injury wasnt healing until realizing so by him coming back, playing and faltering? You berate DA like hes supposed to be some sort of seer and can see into the future. He makes decisions based on what he sees and is told. The assumption was that Shaq would come back and based on that, and his level of superior play with the team when he started, DA made a move that he had to because once again (your almighty God-like, do no wrong, Ubuntu loving center Perk the magnificent refused an offer and we needed bench help after MD was significantly injured and never was able to return all season, so we had no back up to PP. Question did Perk ever dominate Shaq? I think not. Will you please get over the trade and stop talking about it in every post you write? Your one track mind is seriously obscuring some quality posts (like your 2nd post respecting Shaq this season) you make but then you step in it again, and again, and again. Maybe you can get some post-trade counseling or go to hoops rehab and get weaned off of all the trade comments? The trade was in February and I believe well be hearing about it until next February, and beyond. So in the meantime, how about you get us some stats and facts to back up your claims instead of just opinions, which we are all certainly entitled to. Go Cs.the end.

  3. Why would anybody be surprised that Baer and Sabean would turn away from this? It is a perfectly in keeping with their my shit doesnt stink personalities. Part of the Giants Way of doing things:

  4. I believe God is there, He is near, you cannot do anything to draw Him to you; however, He is drawing you to Himself. The very longing you feel to be close to Him is from Him, because I dont think any of us naturally seek after God; it is His gift to us!

  5. Dawson, I let Dan know, hes thankful.

  6. And still theres no explanation for how your deity believing something makes it any more objective. If a tyrant God believed that torturing innocent people was ok, would that make it so?

  7. So its NOT just a matter of us needing Perkins to defend against the Heats center, and you KNOW it. It was a matter of us needing him to to make all the other defenders better, more effective. DAMN IT. You KNOW that what Im saying is true, Jay. I dont expect any other writers to be honest about it, but you damn well should be. You KNOW that our two best defenders, KG and Rondo especially, like to be very aggressive. Having Perk as a defensive anchor freed them to be aggressive. Perk was the difference between a strong defense and a freaking killer defense.

  8. Does any now if Toby Keith is touring Australia in 2011

  9. Well, if you’re not arguing with something that I’ve said or a point that I’ve made, I don’t see the point in bringing it up at all. I’m not going to argue someone else’s point.

  10. inndiaaaa indiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa being number ones is hell for you imperialist pigs so i be thinking the world has already ending. what what.

  11. Facebook and Twitter are not hierarchical organizations. No strategically-minded person is claiming that they are. But there are those in hierarchical organizations who are leveraging their influence by listening, engaging, galvanizing, and communicating in the spaces __where people already are__.

  12. Im speechlessfeel like I should comment, but I have no idea what to say or feel. tracerbullet007´s last blog ..Why power corrupts

  13. Rio: Im busting a gut laughing over those pictures!

  14. To note a passing that will be less noticed one of the last links to Hollywood silent films, and a centenarian actor to boot, died this week Dorothy Janis, who turned 100 last month. She is best (only?) know for her role as Tito, Ramon Novarro half-white love interest in The Pagan (W.S. Van Dyke/1929), one of the last silent films. She did not survive sound; she was in her late teens when she made this (she was very pretty, although not remotely exotic looking. She retired shortly after, married bandleader Wayne King, whom she survived after he died after 52 years of marriage.

  15. And you said that I did not reply to the argument about my intention being to deny people happiness. Thats because it wasnt an argument. It was merely a claim about my motives.

  16. If emotions are simply by-products of chemical reactions, it doesn’t make much sense to me to hold anyone to any code of ethics whatsoever.

  17. This past episode is one of my favorites.

  18. Its time you visited us here in Old Hampshire

  19. You made a few fine points there. I did a search on the matter and found a good number of folks will have the same opinion with your blog.

  20. I understand this. You are, then, equating morality with opinion?

  21. I saw the first two movies before I ever read the books. Then it was hard for me to read the books as they are written in the sparse fairy-tale format. It was hard for me to connect the dots or not be bored as my eyes had been soo dazzled by the movies. Then, I read the Dawn Treader before I saw this movie. I can see how hard it is to adapt your mind to a movie that has been so liberally adapted- and secularized. (yes, I can hear some of you hissing at that : ) Dont get me wrong, it is very enjoyable as a movie, but it is a shame so much spiritual content has to be toned down to make it passable to todays moviemakers and action-oriented teen boy target audience.(no offense teen boy gamers, but there ARE other people that wish to see movies too- that is the decision of the studio heads ). That wouldnt have been done in the seventies or pre-1984. I call it the Rambo effect.

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