Thursday, April 17th, 2014

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Mike Piazza “MisRemembers”

Former Dodgers Catcher Mike Piazza emerges from a cave to stick his foot in his mouth.   It has been 15 years since Mike Piazza was traded to ...

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Dodgers Ownership: O’Malley, Claire, Garvey, Hershiser,Leiweke, Burkle and of coarse Cuban

    The Los Angeles Dodgers have plenty of options to choose from for ownership. But who is the best fit to head ...

Frank McCourt: The end is here

Frank McCourt appears to be ready to settle with MLB and agree to sell the team. Will it happen today? The day the MLB ...

Another World Series Without the Dodgers

    It has been 23 years since the Los Angeles Dodgers played in the World Series and the city of L.A. couldn't care less.  The ...

State Of Los Angeles Sports

    Los Angeles has had the worst sports year of any city in the nation outside of Cleveland. We reflect on the ...

Here Comes My Hiro!

      Los Angeles Dodgers  Pitcher Hiroki Kuroda refuses to drop his no-trade clause to stay with the team regardless of their record.    His ...
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State of Dodgers Nation: Turmoil

The 2011 season has been a failure of epic proportions for the Dodgers, Frank McCourt and the city of Los Angeles. But ...

Frank McJudgement: Has he ever been right?

  Frank McCourt has been owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2004 and all he has to show for it is ...

Dodger Beating Suspect Exonerated

  Giovanni Ramirez, suspect in the opening day beating of Bryan Stow was exonerated today when the LAPD arrested 2 different suspects  not associated with ...
NBA: NOV 30 Raptors at Lakers

Andrew Bynum: Growing Up Is Hard?!

  Los Angeles Lakers Center Andrew Bynum shows his immaturity again, which is now a regular occurrence.  First Andrew Bynum calls out Shaquille O'Neal proclaiming  "At ...

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