Monday, April 21st, 2014



McCourts Will Have to Testify

The McCourts will have to testify their love for each other this week in court. As the drama is being played out the storied Dodgers is in divorce ...

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The McCourt Trial Starts Today

Frank and Jamie McCourt arrived at Los Angeles Superior Court today with their army of lawyers. The central issue in the ...

Joe Torre: Stays Mum On McCourt

Dodger Manager Joe Torre was recently approached by investors to head a group to purchase the Dodgers as reported by the L.A. ...

Los Angeles Dodgers:McCourt’s Cash Cow

The McCourt family have used Los Angeles Dodger fans since the moment they got here. Now the Bostonians want Dodger fans to pay for ...

Fenway Park:A Mixed Bag of Emotions

Manny Ramirez returns to Boston, the place he one two World Series Championships and a World Series M.V.P.        With the Celtics ...

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