Thursday, April 24th, 2014



Mike Piazza “MisRemembers”

Former Dodgers Catcher Mike Piazza emerges from a cave to stick his foot in his mouth.   It has been 15 years since Mike Piazza was traded to ...

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The Great Debate On What To Do With Kemp and Ethier

Should Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier lead the Los Angeles Dodgers into a new era of baseball? It is hard to imagine ...

Puljos and Fielder: Buyer Beware

The Los Angeles Dodgers may have some financial flexibility soon. But do they need to go for the "Free Agency Home Run"? It ...

Dodgers Ownership: O’Malley, Claire, Garvey, Hershiser,Leiweke, Burkle and of coarse Cuban

    The Los Angeles Dodgers have plenty of options to choose from for ownership. But who is the best fit to head ...

A Special Goodbye And Thank You To Frank McCourt

After two years of legal battles Frank McCourt agrees to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers. We would like to thank him ...

Frank McCourt: The end is here

Frank McCourt appears to be ready to settle with MLB and agree to sell the team. Will it happen today? The day the MLB ...

This Week Of The Dodgers: A Boycotter’s View

  This week in Dodgerland had name calling, Jihad references, millions of dollars in legal fee's and a bobble head night. And the ...
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State of Dodgers Nation: Turmoil

The 2011 season has been a failure of epic proportions for the Dodgers, Frank McCourt and the city of Los Angeles. But ...

Frank McJudgement: Has he ever been right?

  Frank McCourt has been owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers since 2004 and all he has to show for it is ...

Dodgers Boycott: Much More Work To Do, Here Is How To Do It

The Dodgers Boycott is gaining momentum  but there is still a lot of work to do to get rid of Frank McCourt, his ...

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